ASYE survey

Responding to Community Care about a recent survey on the ASYE, Rachael Wardell, Chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee, said:

“The ASYE was launched in 2012 to help newly qualified social workers develop their practice in their first year ‘on the job’ via the provision of additional help, support through supervision and a protected caseload. It is employer-led and isn’t compulsory, so the approaches taken are largely informed by the local context and we should expect some variation. However, it is clear that far too few social workers feel adequately protected in their first year in practice. This variability in support, and in particular the difficulty of maintaining protected caseloads, reflects a national shortage of child and family social workers and rising levels of demand for services in the context of falling budgets and a high stakes inspection regime, which impacts negatively on staff turnover.

“That said, the recruitment and retention of a high quality social work workforce is a priority for all DCSs and although it is encouraging to see that more than two thirds of newly qualified social workers would choose to stay with their employer at the end of their ASYE year, ADCS will continue to press for social workers’ professional development to be taken forward in a consistent and holistic way.”


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