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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Comment on social workers renewing registration with SWE

Rachael Wardell, Chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee, said:

“We know that the workforce was already under strain before the pandemic began and the last eight months will have had a serious impact on stress levels and fatigue. While the opportunity to reflect on this period by uploading evidence of continuous professional development (CPD) will have been welcome for some, others have been unable to do so. In support of this requirement, ADCS has issued reminders of the need for social workers to renew their registration and in doing so to upload CPD. However, social workers are under considerable pressure at this time as they have continued to support children and families throughout the pandemic and national lockdowns in incredibly difficult circumstances. We anticipate that our peak in referrals to children’s services is yet to come, and when it does this will put added pressure on the workforce. We must avoid a situation where a significant number of social workers become de-registered, particularly during this unprecedented time. We would welcome an extension to the 30 November deadline to allow all social workers to complete the registration process and therefore continue to deliver the essential work that many children and families rely on.”


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