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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Comment on survey of social work caseloads

Commenting on Community Care’s social work caseload survey, Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS President said:

“The whole of the children’s workforce, including social workers, have worked tirelessly in the most difficult of circumstances over the past two years. Lockdowns and enduring disruption to daily lives has exacerbated pre-existing challenges, such as poverty and domestic abuse, and for some children and young people this period will have been traumatic. This latest survey highlights the pressures under which social workers operate with increasing caseloads and children and families presenting more complex needs. While it is obviously preferable for social workers to have smaller caseloads, enabling them to work more intensively with children and families, a range of factors must also be considered during the allocation process from complexity, risk and the experience of the social worker.

“However, we need more support from government in recruiting and retaining more social workers. ADCS urges the Department for Education to launch a national campaign to promote the value of social work, which clearly articulates that good social work helps change lives for the better. By building on the innovative work local authorities are doing, a national campaign would undoubtedly help increase the workforce and relieve pressure on social workers.”


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