Survey with social workers

Commenting on the results of a Community Care survey about supervision for social workers Rachael Wardell, Chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee, said:

“Social workers carry exceptional responsibilities on behalf of society. As leaders of children’s services, we are committed to supporting this important profession by working to create an environment that enables good social work practice. This includes good quality supervision that affords time to be both task focused and reflective as required, and which supports social workers to do their job well. The reported variability of supervision across the country is disappointing, but perhaps not surprising given the backdrop of restructuring driven by restricted budgets and rising demand. For example, we know that in some areas middle management structures have been reshaped in order to protect direct work with children and families. This is the right priority, but there may be unwelcome consequences to this approach.

“I would encourage all local authorities to heed the messages from this survey. Social workers deserve support and guidance in challenging situations and they value good supervision, particularly the opportunity to reflect on practice. The reported benefits of group supervision may be of particular interest. There might also be some messages for the DfE to consider in their work to shape the new sector regulator, Social Work England.”

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