HMI Probation’s Annual Report - Comment

Alison Michalska, President of ADCS, said:

“Whilst the report does recognise that youth offending teams are generally working well and have contributed significantly to the 42% reduction in offending over the last four years, HMI Probation’s latest report does highlight some areas of improvement.

“With regards to housing, local authorities work hard to ensure that suitable and stable accommodation options that meet individual needs are identified. However, in emergency situations placements may be made at very short notice amidst a complex set of circumstances. On such occasions a bed and breakfast can be the only available option whilst a permanent alternative is identified. We take our duties to look after vulnerable young people seriously but finding suitable accommodation in the midst of a deepening housing crisis against a backdrop of falling budgets is the reality we face.

“With regards to the recommendations around youth offending teams monitoring social media this is an issue that requires public debate. Whilst it is true that children and young people increasingly communicate and socialise online and there is a digital element to an increasing number of crimes, parental behaviour and upbringing and other risk factors are also at play here.”


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