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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Comment on Nuffield FJO report

Charlotte Ramsden, ADCS President said:

“This latest report from the Observatory again draws attention to the growing gap between the complex and overlapping needs of children and young people in crisis or extreme distress, the range of services and responses we have to draw on and the availability of said services. Demand for in-patient mental health beds as well as secure children’s homes (SCHs) continues to outstrip supply and we are in ongoing dialogue with government and health partners about this. Other recent reports have highlighted the number of beds in secure children’s homes left empty, this can be due to staff availability or refurbishment but increasingly this is a safety measure to protect both children and staff living and working in the home.

“Where it is not possible to secure a place in a SCH or with another registered provider, local authorities will look to assemble a highly bespoke placement with intensive wrap around support, often costing tens of thousands of pounds per week whilst alternatives are sought. The recent spending review included new investment in secure children’s homes, this is welcome, but it will take some years for the full benefit of this to be felt.”


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