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Board of Directors

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Mr Dave Hill
Executive Director of People Commissioning
Essex County Council

Dave Hill joined Essex County Council in November 2010 as Executive Director for Schools, Children and Families having worked in the same role in Merton and Croydon. In 2013 he took on the new role of Executive Director for People Commissioning, including holding the statutory roles of Director of Children’s Services (DCS) and Director of Adult Social Services (DASS). During Dave’s year as ADCS President he will hold the statutory DCS role only.

Dave has worked in local authorities since 1977, having originally trained as a social worker; later he undertook a Masters Degree in Public Service Management and trained to advanced level as a consultant to individuals, organisations and institutions at the Tavistock Institute.

Dave was a longstanding member of the Social Work Reform Board and is a Trustee for Become. (formerly the Who Cares Trust).

Prior to becoming Vice President in April 2015 Dave chaired the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee.

Dave became ADCS President in April 2016.

Honorary Secretary

Ms Barbara Peacock
Executive Director, People
Croydon Council

I joined Croydon in July 2016 as Executive Director of People. This is my third role as a joint director having undertaken similar comined DCS and DAS roles in Medway and Sandwell.

For most of my professional career I have worked in London local authorities. My last two roles were as Deputy Director in Croydon and AssistantDirector in Greenwich.

I have worked alongside ‘London Challenge’, seeing the powerful impact this initiative had on the performance of London Schools. I have led two challenged children’s social care systems, improving their Ofsted ratings and more importantly outcomes for Children. I have worked in communities with high levels of deprivation, highly transient communities and the challenges of ensuring children are safe and protected in such environments are well known to me.

I came into working for local authorities to make a difference and I remain working in a local authority as I continue to be passionate about the contribution I can bring, to enable othersto do a great job, in order to make a difference to the children and families.

Elected Director

Mr Stuart Carlton

Assistant Director of Children’s Services
Lincolnshire County Council

Elected Director

Mr Mark Barratt

Service Director, Safeguarding and Family Support Services
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Prior to becoming a qualified social worker I served with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for ten years with overseas postings to the British Embassies in Rome and Vienna. Upon returning to the UK I was a volunteer with the Society of Voluntary Associates (SOVA) working to divert young people out of the criminal justice system.

I have a wide range of experience spanning over 23 years across the full breadth of statutory social work and settings; encompassing residential children’s home, fostering and adoption services, family support and services for disabled children; youth offending services and safeguarding services. From front-line child protection social worker in Salford; operational management posts within Suffolk; service manager posts in Sheffield, to Service Director post responsible for Children’s Specialist Services in Derby and Senior Strategic lead (Safeguarding) with Manchester. At Wakefield I am leading large organisational change programmes across the safeguarding system and I am an active member of the England Innovation Project implementing Signs of Safety.

I am actively involved in ADCS and I am a member of the Workforce Development Policy Committee. Through the committee I have been able to input and connect the work across the Ministry of Justice and DfE around reviewing the policy “Working with foreign authorities child protection cases
and care orders” in direct response to identified issues raised by front-line social workers and feedback from the Judiciary.

Vice President

Ms Alison Michalska
Corporate Director of Children and Adults
Nottingham City Council

Alison Michalska is Corporate Director for Children and Adults at Nottingham City Council. Alison joined Nottingham City in November 2013, prior to this Alison was Director of Children, Family and Adult Services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Alison is a qualified Social Worker and has worked with both children and vulnerable adults in many different guises over the course of her career.

In her current role, in addition to her role as DCS, she is accountable for both DASS and DPH, giving her responsibility for Children’s Services including Children’s Social Care, Schools and Early Years and SEN. Alison also leads Adult Social Care Services in Nottingham, as well as safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, commissioning and Public Health.

Immediate Past President


Honorary Treasurer

Mr Mark Carriline
Executive Director of Children, Young People and Culture
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

Mark began his career as a maths teacher in Cambridgeshire and Milton Keynes before joining Rochdale Education Department in 1987. He then worked in Wigan, in Salford (where he was Director of Education and Leisure) and Bradford, where he was Assistant Chief Executive responsible for Education, Community Development and Social Care. After a brief period working for Serco, he moved to Bury in 2007 as Assistant Director (Prevention & Partnerships) and became Director in January 2011, with his original children’s services remit expanding to include cultural services in April 2014.

Mark has been actively involved in ADCS and its predecessors since entering local government.

Elected Director

Ms Karen Reeve
Interim Director of Children’s Services
Swindon Borough Council

Karen began her career in early years/family work in the early 1980’s and worked in London Boroughs for over 25 years. During this time she managed a family centre specialising in parenting/court assessments for families in care proceedings and child sexual abuse.

As a middle tier manager she went on to work across a range of children’s social work in a number of boroughs, including long-term, duty, disabilities, fostering, adoption, commissioning and led on such initiatives as Quality Protects and Community Based Working.

Karen first acted as an Assistant Director (AD) in Southend. She then moved for family reasons to the South West where she has worked as AD in West Berkshire, Reading and now Swindon where she is AD/Service Director for Children’s, Families and Community Health.

Karen has been an Elected Director since 2012, where she has been one of two assistant directors offering contributions to the Board and ADCS Council of Reference from the wider membership of social care ADs.

Elected Director

Ms Bernie Brown
Assistant Director for Children and Young People’s Services
Liverpool City Council

I am a qualified Social Worker with 25 years’ experience across both the UK and New Zealand having previously worked in 6 Local Authorities, 2 voluntary sector agencies and had my own consultancy business for 5 years. I have also had the role of Chair for a Local Children’s Safeguarding Board, and see the management of risk, and the approach to managing the complexity of issues to safeguard children effectively from many perspectives drawing on many experiences.

I am committed to delivering excellent Social Work practice in partnership with Families and enjoy the opportunity to be actively involved with the training and development of foster carers, the Children in Care Council and Kinship networks locally and nationally.

In my role as Assistant Director, in Liverpool I have specific responsibility for social care, operating within a very dynamic Leadership Team working across Early Help, Troubled Families and Education Services.