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A Youth Justice System that Works for Children

ADCS, AYM and LGA Joint Policy Paper

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Elective Home Education 2021

Annual EHE Survey Report Published

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Social Work in a Pandemic

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President's NCASC21 Speech

Charlotte Ramsden’s Presidential address to the National Children and Adult Services Conference

Policy Spotlight

Policy Spotlight

Youth Justice

ADCS, AYM and LGA Policy Position Paper - A Youth Justice System that Works for Children


Must do, nice to do, hope it goes...

It feels like the Christmas break was a very long time ago now, but as it’s still January I think I can just about get away...


Violence against women and girls

LGC: This year it feels like the pervasive issue of violence against women and girls in our society has been brought into the light, with far greater media coverage and public discourse than I can recall for some time.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

CYP NOW: All state-funded schools in England will have to teach Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)...