Out of Area Children in Care Notifications England

Last Updated: Thursday, 21-Jan-21 12:09

Important notice: Is your local authority contact email address correct? As the GCSX email system is being decommissioned, ADCS is looking to update the email addresses for notification purposes. Please contact gary.dumbarton@adcs.org.uk with your updated email address

The Care Planning, Placement and Case Review statutory guidance and the associated regulations updated in 2013, outline duties on local authorities to notify other local authorities if they place a child in care within their area. It also requires children’s homes to notify their host local authority when a child is placed with them by another authority. Where a child who is not in care is placed in a health or education placement for three months or more, or with that intention, the placing authority or organisation also has a duty to notify the host local authority prior to placement or as soon as practicable thereafter. The host LA, supported by relevant agencies in both the host and home authority must ensure that education and health partners are provided with information about placements of children in care into/out of their area.

ADCS has collated email addresses for each host LA, accessible via the A-Z list below. If you wish to update the local authority details listed here, please contact gary.dumbarton@adcs.org.uk. If you have queries about a certain area or placement, please contact the area directly using the details below or via the DCS contact or general local authority number as appropriate. ADCS does not hold any further information other than that listed below.

In collaboration with the College of Policing we would like to encourage LA colleagues to also notify the relevant police force when a child is being placed out of area, based on the needs/risk of the child. It is hoped that this additional notification channel will assist in the safeguarding of some of the most vulnerable children in the care system.

Please use the police force contact details, linked below, to make the notifications. Further information on when to make the notification can be found within each police force webpage.

Local authority Secure email address LA website Police Force
Gateshead FosteringAdminTeam@gateshead.gov.uk Web link missingpersonmailbox@northumbria.pnn.police.uk
Gloucestershire childrenshelpdesk@gloucestershire.gov.uk Web link
Royal Borough of Greenwich Contact Greenwich for secure email address Weblink

Local authority Secure email address LA website Police Force
Isle of Wight csprofessional@private.hants.gov.uk Web link missing.exploited@hampshire.pnn.police.uk
Isles of Scilly childrenssocialcare@scilly.gov.uk Web link
Islington S&QA@islington.gov.uk Web link

Local authority Secure email address LA website Police Force
Kensington & Chelsea LACNotifications@rbkc.gov.uk Web link
Kent SecureOLA_LAC@kent.gov.uk Web link Kent Police Force
Kingston Upon Thames | Achieving for Children spa.referrals@achievingforchildren.org.uk Web link
Kirklees OLANotifications@kirklees.gov.uk Web link
Knowsley ooacla@knowsley.gcsx.gov.uk Web link

Local authority Secure email address LA website Police Force
Salford lac@salford.gov.uk Web link Greater Manchester Police Force
Sandwell Access_Team@sandwellchildrenstrust.org Web link
Sefton Olaplacements@sefton.gcsx.gov.uk Web link
Sheffield sheffieldlookedafterchildren@sheffield.gcsx.gov.uk Web link
Shropshire compass.admin@shropshire.gov.uk Web link
Slough sloughchildren.referrals@scstrust.co.uk Web link Thames Valley Police
Solihull cpru@solihull.gov.uk Web link
Somerset SomersetCPandCLANotifications@somerset.gov.uk Web link
South Gloucestershire accessandresponse@southglos.gov.uk Web link
South Tyneside Placements.Fostering@southtyneside.gov.uk Web link missingpersonmailbox@northumbria.pnn.police.uk
Southampton LAC.Notifications@southampton.gov.uk Web link missing.exploited@hampshire.pnn.police.uk
Southend-on-Sea lacnotifications@southend.gov.uk Web link Essex Police Force
Southwark Qaulac.Admin@southwark.gov.uk.cjsm.net Web link
St Helens safeguardingunit@sthelens.gov.uk Web link
Staffordshire Lac.notifications@staffordshire.gov.uk Web link
Stockport See website Weblink Greater Manchester Police Force
Stockton on Tees childrenshub@hartlepool.gov.uk Web link Cleveland Police
Stoke on Trent srt.referrals@stoke.gov.uk Web link
Suffolk ChildreninCare@suffolk.gov.uk Web link
Sunderland Safeguarding.Children@togetherforchildren.org.uk Web link missingpersonmailbox@northumbria.pnn.police.uk
Surrey child.protection@surreycc.gov.uk Web link
Sutton childrenlookedaftersupport@sutton.gov.uk Web link
Swindon SwindonPlacementNotifications@swindon.gov.uk Web link

Local authority Secure email address LA website Police Force
City of York MASHBusinessSupport@York.gov.uk Web link