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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

A future vision for the education system

A future vision for the education system

This paper sets out ADCS’ vision for a more inclusive education system, with local authorities at its heart, and outlines the vital role of place-based school partnerships that could help improve the system were they strengthened. ADCS has long been concerned that the system has become increasingly fragmented and is unable to suit the needs of vulnerable children and young people and those who are not suited to the academic focus of the school curriculum. At a time when government has a focus on improving the SEND and AP system, we believe that any reforms must work alongside reforms to the mainstream education system. The paper takes a holistic look at education, including early years and further education, emphasising their unique ability to improve social mobility.

The paper has a number of recommendations at an individual learner level in terms of the curriculum and attendance, at a school and local level, at a regional and national level, including funding, capital investment and long-term strategic direction. We believe that a lot of this vision can be achieved by re-visiting the 2022 Schools White Paper Opportunity for all, particularly what is outlined within chapter 4 of the paper.

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