Safeguarding Pressures Phase 6

ADCS Safeguarding Pressures Research Phase 6

ADCS has collected qualitative and quantitative data from local authorities in six phases spanning 2007/8 to 2017/18 to evidence and better understand changes in demand for, and provision of, children’s social care.

The sixth phase of the study draws together survey responses from 92% (140) of all local authorities in England, the highest ever response rate, covering 11.3 million (95%) children and young people under the age of 18. This, together with existing data, provides an insight into the safeguarding related pressures facing children’s services across the country. In Phase 6, data over a ten-year period can be compared, and, for the first time, predictive modelling is used to estimate future demand, making the latest iteration the most comprehensive and robust yet.

To accompany the latest report, ADCS has updated the timeline which illustrates the events and changes that impact on safeguarding children and young people in England.

Children’s Services Policy Timeline 2007 onwards

Further context

ADCS has developed a resource to bring together the wider children’s services policy context. Included in this resource are the policy timeline; a list of the statutory duties in respect of children’s services; and the roles and responsibilities of DCSs and Lead Members for Children’s Services – we will continue to develop this resource.

Children’s Services Policy Context

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