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Children’s Services Timeline

Children’s Services Policy Timelines 2007 onwards

The following timelines illustrates the key events and changes that impact on safeguarding children and young people in England

The timeline has been reproduced as an Excel spreadsheet and as zoomable images. The Excel file and images now provide a detailed timeline of Covid-19 related events and changes in 2020.

Download children’s services policy timeline 2007 onwards (xlsx) updated December 2022

Download Covid-19 Timeline (xlsx) updated December 2022

The following image can be viewed in full screen (click link in top right corner) to allow you to zoom in. Additional controls are available in the top left of the image. The image is designed to be viewed on a PC or Mac and may not display fully on a tablet or handheld device.

Children’s Services Timeline - 2007 onwards

Covid-19 Timeline 2022

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