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General Contacts

Last Updated: Thursday, 10-Nov-16 11:15

Board of Directors

Dave Hill | president@adcs.org.uk

Vice President
Alison Michalska| president@adcs.org.uk

Immediate Past President
Vacancy | president@adcs.org.uk

Honorary Secretary
Barbara Peacock | honorary.secretary@adcs.org.uk

Honorary Treasurer
Mark Carriline | info@adcs.org.uk

Elected Directors
Karen Reeve | info@adcs.org.uk
Stuart Carlton | info@adcs.org.uk
Mark Barratt | info@adcs.org.uk
Bernie Brown | info@adcs.org.uk

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Policy Committee Chairs

Educational Achievement
Debbie Barnes | debbie.barnes@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Families, Communities & Young People
Jenny Coles | jenny.coles@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Health, Care & Additional Needs
Charlotte Ramsden | charlotte.ramsden@salford.gov.uk

Resources & Sustainability
Ian Thomas | ian.thomas@rotherham.gov.uk

Standards, Performance & Inspection
Stuart Gallimore | stuart.gallimore@eastsussex.gov.uk

Workforce Development
Rachael Wardell | rwardell@westberks.gov.uk

Associates Network

John Freeman | associates@adcs.org.uk

Subcommittee Chairs

Asylum Task Force
Chris Spencer | chris.spencer@harrow.gov.uk

ADCS Research Group
Vacant | research@adcs.org.uk

Staff Contacts

Chief Officer
Sarah Caton | sarah.caton@adcs.org.uk

Press Officer
Roxanne Ali | roxanne.ali@adcs.org.uk

Policy Officer
Katy Block | katy.block@adcs.org.uk

Policy Officer
Esther Kavanagh Dixon | esther@adcs.org.uk

ICT Officer
Gary Dumbarton | Email: gary.dumbarton@adcs.org.uk

Events Officer
Rebecca Denny | rebecca.denny@adcs.org.uk

Finance Officer
Suzanne Chester | suzanne.chester@adcs.org.uk

Regional Chairs

East Midlands
Colin Pettigrew | colin.pettigrew@nottscc.gov.uk

Sue Cook | sue.cook@suffolk.gov.uk

Greater London
Yvette Stanley | yvette.stanley@merton.gov.uk

North East
Barbara Shaw | barbara.shaw@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

North West
Steve Reddy | sreddy@warrington.gov.uk

South East
Pinaki Ghoshal | pinaki.ghoshal@brighton-hove.gov.uk and Michael Bracey | michael.bracey@milton-keynes.gov.uk

South West
Linda Uren | linda.uren@gloucestershire.gov.uk

West Midlands
Sally Hodges | sally.hodges@solihull.gov.uk

Yorkshire and Humber
Rachel Dickinson | racheldickinson@barnsley.gov.uk