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Associates Network

The ADCS Associates Network aims to keep Associate Members up to date with policy and service issues; generally assist in the development of ADCS and its overall aims to improve outcomes for children and young people; and provide a network which can be called on for support by DCS and local authorities, as required.

ADCS Associate membership is open to colleagues who have previously held a senior substantive role within a local authority children’s services department (from directors to third tier managers), but do not presently qualify for Ordinary membership of the Association.

Background and Membership Information

The ADCS Associates Network was launched at the 2011 ADCS annual conference.

Annual subscription for Associate membership is currently £180 (inclusive of VAT) which entitles Associate Members to:

  • Full membership of the Associates Network
  • Eligibility to receive the weekly ADCS ebulletin
  • Participation in policy committees, subject to a balance in favour of serving directors and officers
  • Attendance at regional meetings and events which are open to all ADCS members in that particular region
  • Invitations to the non-director only sessions of the ADCS annual conference
  • The opportunity to link with the Staff College as an Associate.

Associate Members have a range of skills and interests to contribute to the development of children’s services, and to the overall aim of ADCS, which is to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Associate Members may still be actively working in a related field. A clear distinction is drawn between the voluntary contribution of Associates to the development of ADCS and any commercial, financial or other interests they may have as consultants, directors of companies or shareholders, or arising from the work done for other organisations, including any work undertaken in a regulatory or improvement capacity.

The aims of the Associates Network are to:

  • Bring extra capacity to help ADCS and its policy committees develop and respond to policy, consultation and research projects
  • Generally assist in the development of ADCS and its overall aims to improve outcomes for children and young people
  • Keep Associate Members updated with policy and service issues
  • Support Associate Members as they move into a new career phase
  • Provide a network which can be called upon for support by DCSs and local authorities, as required.

The Associates Network is keen to hear more from members about how they would like the Network to develop, and encourages new applications for associate membership from those who have left local authority children’s services.

For further information about the ADCS Associates Network please email:

Application forms for Associate membership are available on request.