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Council of Reference

Last Updated: Monday, 14-Nov-16 10:19

Board of Directors

President: Dave Hill

Vice President: Alison Michalska

Immediate Past President: Vacancy

Honorary Secretary: Barbara Peacock

Honorary Treasurer: Mark Carriline

Elected Director: Stuart Carlton

Elected Director: Karen Reeve

Elected Director: Mark Barratt

Elected Director: Bernie Brown

Policy Committee Chairs

Educational Achievement: Debbie Barnes

Families, Communities & Young People: Jenny Coles

Health, Care & Additional Needs: Charlotte Ramsden

Resources & Sustainability: Ian Thomas

Standards, Performance & Inspection: Stuart Gallimore

Workforce Development: Rachael Wardell

Regional Chairs and Representatives

Eastern region

Chair: Sue Cook
Rep: Vacancy

East Midlands region

Chair: Colin Pettigrew
Rep: Vacancy

Greater London region

Chair: Yvette Stanley
Rep: Martin Pratt
Rep: Gail Tolley
Rep: Chris Munday

North East region

Chair: Barbara Shaw
Rep: Daljit Lally

North West region

Chair: Steve Reddy
Rep: Gail Hopper
Rep: Julia Hassall

South East region

Co-chair: Pinaki Ghoshal
Co-chair: Michael Bracey
Rep: Vacancy

South West region

Chair: Linda Uren
Rep: Sara Tough

West Midlands region

Chair: Sally Hodges
Rep: Tony Oakman

Yorkshire & Humber region

Chair: Rachel Dickinson
Rep: Joanne Hewson

Research Group

Chair: vacancy

Associates Network

Chair: John Freeman