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Wed, 14 Nov 18 10:00

Eastern Regional Update June 2018

Regional Improvement Alliance – pilot

RIA continues to be a major focus for sector-led improvement within the region. A RIA / SLI framework has been launched in the region, supported by sub-regional roadshows and self-evaluation masterclasses. In addition, an Eastern Region Leaders’ Event, for LA chief executives, Lead Members and DCSs has been held. The self-evaluation process is underway, with moderation and peer challenge activities planned before the end of June.

Regional Priorities

• SEND reforms, including improving attainment of vulnerable children – a report with recommended follow-up actions has been prepared for the regional DCS group, following a programme of workshops focusing on data, leadership, pedagogy and governance, and finally on the links to and impact of Early Help

• Audit and quality assurance – a methodology has been prepared for a programme of paired peer reviews

• Sufficiency of placements and outcomes – availability of residential placements and the financing of them is an area of increasing concern within the region. The mapping of need against current availability will be conducted initially as a means of determining an appropriate way forward.

Peer Review & Inspection

Peer reviews provide challenge and support in targeted, thematic areas of service:

• Paired peer reviews will be conducted into QA & audit arrangements, as agreed at a regional workshop earlier in the year

• A peer review methodology for PLO & care proceedings is being reviewed; these will also be conducted as a paired peer review with another LA

• Plans are being put into place for a thematic CLA & achieving permanence peer review to be available later in the year

• Initial planning is underway for a mini step-up/step-down review.

Data Benchmarking

• The quarterly tartan rug report continues to highlight comparative performance across all LAs in the region against a range of performance measures; data outcomes are increasingly being supported with narrative comment

• Additional data measures, for inclusion in the tartan rug, are being considered

• A thematic deep-dive benchmark into Neglect has been conducted and reported, incorporating narrative evidenced from a series of QA audits undertaken in each LA

• The focus area for the next deep-dive benchmark is being discussed

• A datapack has been prepared for the region to aid in the production and challenge of self-assessments.

Regional Networks

The regular regional network meetings facilitated for social care ADs, workforce leads, LSCB chairs and business managers, QA leads, performance information management group, principal social workers, corporate parenting steering group, leaving care network and school improvement leads continue to be held, overseen by an SLI steering group, a children’s improvement board and the regional DCS group.

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