Family Justice Update

Update from Andrew Webb, ADCS lead on Family Justice and Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive, Cafcass

1. The DfE is currently carrying out a review of the use of Special Guardianship Orders. Whilst this will provide guidance in the longer term, there has been increasing concern about emerging practice in the use of these orders, the demands being made by some courts, and the quality of some assessments being produced. Following discussion at the Family Justice Board, Andrew Webb and Anthony Douglas have produced a briefing note for consideration by local authorities, Cafcass and Local Family Justice Boards.

View the briefing note

2. The Family Justice Board has set up a subgroup to consider the cost (to all parties) of care proceedings. The Ministry of Justice is conducting a short exercise to establish what cost data is routinely collected by various organisations. They have set up a very brief electronic questionnaire designed to establish the baseline and takes very little time to complete. I would encourage all Las to complete it as this will indicate where we should look to find better and fuller information for the next phase of this approach to the review. The MoJ will carry out all the analysis.

3. The President of the Family Division has published guidance in respect of using the courts to protect children at risk of harm through radicalisation.

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