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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Comment on Spending Review 2020

ADCS President Jenny Coles said:

“Today’s funding announcements offers some relief and additional resourcing for local authorities at this critical time. Confirmation of much needed investment across a number of areas including further education, new special school places, early years, secure children’s homes, support for victims of domestic abuse, and continuation of the Troubled Families programme, is very welcome. However, this just buys us time, it does not solve the challenges that children and children’s services face. We need a sustainable and equitable long-term funding settlement to address the growing pressures faced by children and families as well as the public services that support them in times of difficulty. That being said, there is much more the government can and should do to recognise the invaluable work that the workers across all public services have done during the pandemic. Their efforts should not go unnoticed.

We recognise that we are living and working in unprecedented times, however, ADCS is clear that a multi-year settlement that allows councils to strategically plan and deliver services that children, families and communities rely on is needed. We will continue to champion children’s rights and to call for the government to invest fully in their futures.”

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