National Audit Office report on capital funding for schools

Commenting on the NAO report on capital funding for schools, Alison Michalska, Vice President of ADCS, said:

“A rising child population over the last decade has placed significant pressure on school places and has amplified the effects of significant underinvestment in the school estate in recent years. The schools system has become increasingly fragmented with the expansion of the government’s academies programme and whilst local authorities are responsible for sufficiency in place planning, we increasingly lack influence in the planning and establishment of new schools, which means that in some places schools are built miles away from where they are needed or where there is already a surplus of places. This does not represent good value for money and underlines the need for a national strategy, informed by local intelligence of current and anticipated needs and supported by a commitment for longer term funding, to address the growing shortage of school places. As the pressure on school places is expected to continue the need for a national strategy is urgent and local authorities as place shapers, together with central government and other key players, have a vital role to play in the development of this.”


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