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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

ADCS response to the Youth Endowment Fund announcement

Stuart Gallimore, ADCS Immediate Past President, said:

“The Early Intervention Foundation, which is involved in the fund, has a wealth of experience in working closely with the sector to enable an evidence-based approach to our work with children and families. It’s vital that future policies are rooted in expert advice and scarce public funds are maximised, therefore, more evidence of what works to help children and families earlier before they reach crisis point is much needed. While additional support and investment in preventing children and young people from being drawn into crime and violence is a positive thing not all children will benefit from today’s announcement. We urgently need proper, sustainable and equitable investment in all children that enables local authorities to meet their needs now and in the future. The government’s current approach to funding is not conducive to this agenda, for example, children’s services face a £3.1 billion funding gap by 2025 and there are several small pots of funding for some local authorities to trial different ways of working but the next logical step never materialises - the national roll out of successful programmes, with adequate funding from government to match. This would not only enable us to improve children’s life chances and outcomes it’s a smart fiscal policy too. Helping children and families earlier before their needs escalate, reducing pressure on high end, more costly services. We hope the Treasury recognises this in time for the Spending Review.”


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