New support for victims of domestic abuse

Rachel Dickinson, ADCS President, said:

“Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere and it can be fatal. Upwards of two million men and women experienced domestic abuse last year and it remains the most common reason why children and families come to the attention of children’s social care. We welcome proposals to improve vital support for victims and their families, however, any new legal duty must be fully funded if it is to have the desired impact. Moreover, today’s announcement remains reactive rather than preventative, as do many of the proposals outlined in the government’s draft Domestic Abuse Bill. If we are to turn the tide of this endemic problem, we must maintain a strong focus on early help and prevention, working with children and families at risk of domestic abuse as well as perpetrators. We are committed to working with government and others to this end. Recent research puts the annual social and economic costs of domestic abuse at a staggering £66 billion – preventing domestic abuse in the first place will not only save money but, crucially, it will save lives.”


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