Comment on NCASC Ministerial Announcements

On the expansion of the Partners in Practice programme:

“The Minister acknowledged that the skills and expertise to bring about improvement in children’s services lies within the sector. This is welcome, as is his commitment to working with the sector to build a sector-led, self improving system. We were delighted that he announced £20m to support regional improvement alliances. The Minister also announced the expansion of the Partners in Practice programme as one means of increasing the capacity within the sector to support a self improving system. Sector-led improvement is about councils taking responsibility not only for their own performance but for the performance of the sector as a whole and this is why ADCS is working with the LGA and others on developing a series of regional improvement alliances. In time we envisage all local authorities will be part of an alliance, working on a common set of values and a shared vision, to improve outcomes for children and their families. We are absolutely clear that all local authorities have something to offer and something to learn, irrespective of their inspection outcome, and we’re very excited about the potential this programme of work has, it could be transformative.”

On the what works centre for children’s social care:

“It is hoped that one of the first tasks for the what works centre for children’s social care will be sharing learning from the work of projects across the country which received funding from the DfE’s Innovation Programme. In the longer term the centre will need to share learning quickly to enable local areas to effectively tackle emerging practice issues in children’s services, such as responding to sexual exploitation via the internet or radicalisation, by undertaking detailed research where gaps exist to inform frontline practice and the development of government policies.”


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