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This directory brings together a series of hyperlinks that connect to regional sector-led improvement work and activities. The list consists of materials, projects and summaries that have been shared with us by the regions.

It is hoped that colleagues will continue to share the valuable and innovative sector-led work that is taking place across local authorities to enable this resource to grow and develop. Please contact with examples of sector-led improvement that can be added to this resource.


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The Regions’ Overall Sector-Led Improvement Offers

East Midlands

  • To view the region’s SLI offer click here
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been developed to underpin the commitment of each LA to the regional scheme
  • Regional groups are organised around work plans with clear lines of reporting. Several groups have initiated regional protocols or training activities

North East

To view the region’s SLI offer, visit Pulling Together – Improving Children and Adult Services

South East

To view the region’s SLI offer, click here.

South West

West Midlands

  • For details showing the breadth of activity taking place click here
  • An overview of networks and groups, each with its own work programme, can be viewed here.


South East

The Regional Adoption Leadership Board is well developed. The work of the National and Regional Adoption Leadership Boards is focused on three priority areas:

  • Increasing adopter recruitment
  • Speeding up the system to reduce delay for children
  • Improving adoption support.

Data Analysis

South East Data Benchmarking Group

The South East Data Benchmarking Group covers children’s social care, adoption and workforce matters.

Domestic Abuse

Eastern region resources

A task group in the Eastern region published a good practice handbook focused on safeguarding children who had suffered domestic abuse, a framework for undertaking multi-agency domestic abuse peer reviews and a practice guidance manual focused on children living with domestic abuse.

Early Help

What evidence is there that investment in early help/intervention is worthwhile?

This report is an evaluation of effective early help services in the East Midlands (Jan 2016).

North West integrated early help strategy

The North West Integrated early help strategy is a key element of the regions vision to improve outcomes for families, children and young people.

South East early help project

The aim of the South East region’s early help project is to establish an evaluation framework, which can be used across the region, to measure the impact and effectiveness of early help services. The Draft Evaluation Framework should ensure that the focus is less on process compliance and more on the quality of work, effectiveness of services and the impact on children and families. The Literature Review also forms part of the project.


East Midlands

An education structure chart has been developed in the region looking at 10 challenges for the development of the education ‘middle tier’ in the East Midlands 2016-22

North West School Improvement Partnership Board

The North West region has established a School Improvement Partnership Board to support work across Cheshire and Merseyside.


The North West region has developed the ‘At Home with Fostering’ Resource Pack intended to be used by a fostering service to improve the provision of information to the families of prospective foster carers early in their fostering recruitment/assessment journey.

North West Inter-Authority Fostering Placement Protocol

This protocol is intended to set out arrangements for the provision of foster placements on an inter-local authority basis within the North West

Information Sharing Protocols

North West

The COLAs Protocol is used by the 23 North West local authorities when placing a child in another local authority area.

The Notification under the North West Children’s Services Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) aims to facilitate the timely sharing of information about service providers between children’s services authorities where there are events or concerns that may be relevant to their contractual relationship.

The region has developed a Procedure for Making Notifications for Children in Need Moving across LA Boundaries.

The region has developed a Notification and Transfer of Children Subject of Child Protection Plans across Local Authority Boundaries Procedure.

The region has developed a Pre-care and Care Proceedings Transfer Procedure.

The region has developed a Child Sexual Exploitation and Missing from/Care: North West Cross-Border Information Sharing Protocol.

Leadership Development

South East leadership development offer

The South East region has developed a full range of leadership development courses.

Yorkshire & Humber Senior Leaders Programme

The Yorkshire & Humber region runs a well-established Senior Leaders Programme (SLP). A systems thinking programme has also been commissioned.


Supporting LSCBs on their journey towards ‘Outstanding’

A task group of LSCB chairs and ADs in the Eastern region was commissioned to develop regional guidance on the commissioning and conducting of SCRs.

Peer Challenge Self-Assessment and Peer Review

East Midlands annual self-assessment

All local authorities in the East Midlands complete an annual self-assessment (submitted during May), revised self-assessment template in development.

North West Self-view

The North West region has produced a ‘self-view’ guide which will build on the work undertaken by a number of LA’s who have recently been subject to an Ofsted inspection. View the self-assessment tool (South East) An external review of the region’s peer challenge programme was published by NFER in March 2015.

West Midlands Early warnings scorecard

The West Midlands undertakes a regional collection and analysis of benchmarking data to produce a scorecard to indicate early warnings

Regional Capacity Builder’s Programme (RCBP)

The (RCBP) is a regional pool of expertise from children’s services managers in the West Midlands region – offering support from within the sector in response to individual requests and need.

Signatures of risk

The Yorkshire & Humber regional CIB has developed a signatures of risk template.


East of England UASC Safeguarding Protocol

This protocol is an agreement between LAs and police forces in the East of England.

Voice of the Child

Voice of the Child is the final report from the Eastern region’s child protection project - published in May 2015.

NWADCS LAC Summit Report 2014

During 2015/16 a range of local, ‘cluster’ and regional initiatives will address the priorities and recommendations set out in the North West ADCS LAC Summit Report 2014

MASH learning resource

MASH Regional Learning Resource is a summary of learning and discussion from a North West ADCS Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) regional learning event. It is intended to act as a resource to inform planning, implementation of multi-agency safeguarding responses locally and regionally.

Social Work

North West social work resources

The North West region uses a number of document focused on supporting social work:

Local authority at a glance

The North West ADCS group has established a process to share statutory children’s social work workforce returns at the point of submission to DfE. This enables early analysis and benchmarking of key workforce indicators between years and across the region. The Local Authority at a Glance summary uses the data to visually represent key data points, trends and describe the ‘typical social worker’.

Children’s Social Work Matters

Under Children’s Social Work Matters (CSWM), all 15 local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region are working together as one big children’s social work team.

Managing the Demand for and Supply of Agency Social Workers

East of England MoU

Led by colleagues in Hertfordshire, this project focused on various elements including managing pay rates, quality and supply and working with LAs to agree and implement a Memorandum of Cooperation in the Eastern region.

South East MoC

A Memorandum of Cooperation in the South East region is used for managing the supply and demand of social worker, and follows on from the experience of colleagues in Eastern region and elsewhere. The Children’s Social Care Workforce project investigates new and different ways of staffing to meet the needs of young people.

West Midlands Social Work Agency Protocol

The West Midlands region has implemented a Social Work Agency Protocol

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