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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Government response to Safeguarding children with disabilities...

ADCS President John Pearce said:

“The National Panel’s reports into failings by the Hesley Group highlighted the appalling abuses that took place in settings for some of our most vulnerable children. This cohort have complex needs and disabilities and deserve to be treated with humanity and dignity, however, it is clear from the National Panel’s reports that this was not the case. The failings that took place in these settings must be a catalyst for real change and ADCS welcomes government’s commitment to improving the system so that it better meets children’s needs.

“Central to any reforms must be a real investment and focus on our workforce. All professionals who work with children with complex health needs, across residential settings and schools, hold significant responsibility and should therefore be given the support needed for such specialist work. This goes beyond registration but should instead seek to ensure all members of this vital workforce have the right skills, values and behaviours required. There is also an urgent need to improve the status of the residential care sector and the professionals working within it. Their role can be transformative but we need national government to help push this positive narrative whilst ensuring the right regulatory and oversight arrangements are in place across the country.

“The need for change is widely recognised and ADCS is committed to working with government in making sure that any reforms to the system are child focussed and have a long-term, positive impact. We need to work together and do everything we can to assure ourselves, the system and of course parents and carers that children with similar needs and in similar settings are safe, appropriately placed and receiving the high quality care they deserve.”


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