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Apprenticeship Standards Update October 2015

Consultation Response: Children, Young People and Families Practitioner and Manager Higher Apprenticeship Standards - Update from Ros Garrod Mason

The consultation report is now available here.

The next stage is for the Core Group to amend the standards as a result of these findings and to submit the standards to the Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills as soon as possible. We will then work on the Assessment Plan for the standards.

A short summary of the findings are below:

Generally there were very positive responses to the both the Children, Young People and Families Practitioner and Manager standards.

The majority of responses were about specific minor detail within the documents. The Core Group will address these issues within the context of trying to shorten each standard to between two and two and a half pages.

We detected some level of misunderstanding about the aim and purpose of the higher apprenticeships in that they are not just aimed at young people, the eligibility rules for higher apprenticeships were not well understood and neither was the role the apprenticeships may play within the strategic direction of an organisation. We will probably have to do some information sessions before the standards are launched.

The main issues highlighted were:

1. The levels at which the apprenticeships were pitched

There was wide variation in the responses to this question around the level for practitioners, some considered that the level ought to be a level 3, some thought it should be at level 4 and some thought it should be at level 5.

There was broad agreement around the manager standard being pitched at level 5,although some people felt it should be at level 6.

We may need to consider the suggestions that the manager role needs to emphasise the leadership aspects of management and have some further emphasis on the social and emotional aspects of management.

Some of the contributions from the awarding bodies suggest we haven’t got the levels right in terms of tasks and responsibilities, according to the criteria within OFQUAL’s new guidance on Total Qualification Time .

The Core Group will need to look at the level of challenge and expectations around the levels and possibly make some adjustments. We also need to discuss further a consultation specifically with learning providers.

2. The length of the apprenticeship

The suggestion that this should be varied dependent upon experience, was welcomed. Generally our suggestions for time spent on the apprenticeship for practitioner were considered to be too long and that it should be 24-30 months for new workers and 12-18 for experienced ones, for both standards.

3. The qualifications that should be attached to the apprenticeship

For the practitioners suggestions included everything from level 3 to level 6 qualifications, as well as specific things that should be included such as CSE and Paediatric First Aid. Interestingly there were no suggestions that there should be a new qualification, even though the core group and our early consultations reflected the fact that the current suite of qualifications were not fit for purpose.

For the Managers the suggestions were mainly qualifications at level 5 or level 6 and some specific training around safeguarding, CSE and dealing with medicines. We need to agree the levels for the apprenticeships and liaise with learning providers on the flexibility and progression that we need.

4. Taking the sector forward over the next 5 - 7 years, to improve the quality of practice and allow for smooth progression routes for the workforce

Generally the standards were seen as a positive way forward for the sector, however there were comments about getting the balance between theory and practice right, within these apprenticeships. We need to ensure that the apprenticeships allow for the diversity of workers and that the progression routes through the sector are very clear.

Further details are available from Project Support Manager: rosgarrodmason@gmail.com or Chair of the Core Group: Clair.Davies@appletreeschool.co.uk

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