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Wed, 03 Jul 19 13:00

Closure of TCSW and What it Means for the Social Work Profession

Commenting on the closure of The College of Social Work and what it means for the social work profession, Alison O’Sullivan, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, said:

“There is a need for a strong, high profile professional body that holds responsibilities for standards and practice in the profession and represents social work practitioners. The College was recently created because of that need and the need has not gone away. In its short existence the College has strived to provide a voice for social work and to raise both the profile and understanding of the profession. Plenty of people are offering their opinions as to why the College has had to close. It is the view of ADCS members that as dust starts to settle and options are considered we need to think very carefully about what next. We need to take our time to look at all possibilities.

“ADCS will work with the government and others to find important alternative means of promoting the professional development that social work so richly deserves. At this point what remains critical is that the government and all those concerned place their energies in finding the best route forward to support the future of the profession. So however the sector chooses to move forward it’s important that we don’t rush to find the quickest solution but take our time to ensure that we get the next steps right.”


The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) Ltd is the professional leadership association for Directors of Children’s Services and their senior management teams in England.

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