Come back to social work

Responding to the launch of the LGA DfE DoH Come Back to Social Work campaign, ADCS President Dave Hill said:

“As employers we are absolutely committed to raising the profile of the social work profession and ensuring that social workers are well supported in their role. If our social work workforce is diminished, if there aren’t enough social workers, if they’re not confident enough, if they don’t feel well supported, if they can’t act in the best interests of children, families and adults then we as directors of those services can’t do our job which is to ensure that all children in our local area thrive, and that vulnerable adults who need help get it. This campaign, which ADCS supports, will hopefully show those social workers who have recently left the profession that it is perhaps easier than they think to come back to a profession that makes a profound difference to the lives of children, families and vulnerable adults. Experienced, permanent social workers are a valuable asset to any employer. ADCS looks forward to working closely with the LGA and colleagues on this campaign as the applications start to come in.”


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