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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Comment on government response to Stable Homes…

Responding to the government’s response to the consultation Stable Homes Built on Love, ADCS President John Pearce said:

“ADCS is pleased that the Department for Education has responded to its consultation on reforms to the children’s social care system, however, we still await a lot of detail on how the Department intends to move forward with these reforms and what exactly they will look like. It is positive to see that concerns raised by ADCS regarding Regional Care Cooperatives (RCC) have been listened to with a more pragmatic approach now being taken. This is a sensible move and it is important that each region is able to decide whether to set up an RCC pathfinder or not. RCCs are not a silver bullet and there are other strands of work that need to take place to address the immediate placement sufficiency issues we face, rising costs of placements and profiteering on the backs of vulnerable children.

“It is hugely frustrating that the Department’s response to the agency social work consultation is delayed when urgent action is needed to tackle the unaffordable costs and unacceptable practices by some social work agencies. ADCS believes the Department’s initial proposals are the right ones, in the best interests of children and young people, and should be implemented in full and at pace. The costs associated with the use of agency social workers and project teams have risen sharply in recent years, we simply cannot afford to stand still and allow this trend to continue.”


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