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Tue, 09 Jul 24 10:00

Spending Round 2019

Rachel Dickinson, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, said:

“Today’s funding announcements offer some short-term respite for children’s services but few reassurances about the future. This is at least some recognition of the concerns ADCS, and others, have been consistently raising about the growing pressures faced by children and families as well as the public services that support them in times of difficulty.

“Local government funding has fallen by half over the last nine years but need has not. A failure to invest in children’s futures is only storing up fiscal and human costs for the future. What’s missing from today’s announcements, and what must be a feature in the next full spending review, is meaningful and sustainable investment in helping families early, when issues first arise thus averting the need for the state to become deeply involved in family life. Youth workers, children’s centres and family support workers are not simply nice to have, they are part of a valuable safety net that prevents children being harmed.

“We cautiously welcome the investment in education at primary, secondary and at FE level as well as the additional funding to support learners with special educational needs and disabilities and await further detail about timings and allocations. Today’s funding pledges come at a deeply uncertain time and we dearly hope these commitments will still stand regardless of the outcome of the latest ‘Brexit’ crisis. Children’s voices are not easily heard in Westminster but we will continue to champion their rights and to call for the government to invest fully in their futures, not just offer them the bare minimum levels of resourcing and support.”

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