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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

​Comment on Skills for Care analysis of ASYE programme

Rachael Wardell, Chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee said:

“Skills for Care’s analysis of the ASYE programme offers some welcome findings, showing the high proportion of NQSWs passing their ASYE. Given the difficult and turbulent year that those entering the workforce have had to operate in, this is particularly encouraging. It is important that social workers entering the profession are able to develop their practice in their first year in employment. Employers have been working hard, putting in place measures to help with their development and wellbeing, and a well-designed ASYE programme is a good way to do this.

“However, the analysis also raises important issues around diversity and inclusivity. That there has been a lower pass rate amongst those participants classified as ‘other than white’ or male NQSWs is a worrying finding that employers must seek to address. Diversity in the workplace matters because representation matters, this is true for both direct work with families and at a senior level. We welcome efforts by Skills for Care to tackle this issue by making the programme as inclusive as possible. There is a role for all of us not only to encourage diversity within our workforce but also to create a culture that allows everyone to reach their full potential.”


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