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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Children’s Social Care Announcements - 3 April 2016

Commenting on secure children’s homes, Dave Hill, President of ADCS, said:

“Secure children’s homes provide the most vulnerable children and young people with vital help and support in times of extreme crisis. ADCS has been working with the Department for Education for many months to bring about greater stability in this vital market. We welcome the funding pledged by the DfE to help homes build immediate capacity and the longer term plans to bring together arrangements for welfare, justice and mental health placements. The children in these different kinds of placements share many of the same vulnerabilities and it makes sense to align provision in this way.

“I would like to thank Hampshire County Council for offering to run this interim placement unit on behalf of the sector, the information they gather will be vital in building a clearer picture of overall demand for the first time as there has been no national coordination to date, individual local authorities have sought placements for individual children.”

On the Innovation Programme, Dave Hill, President of ADCS, said:

“We welcome the confirmation of further funding to support the Innovation Programme and the news that some of this will be used to help existing projects to share their learning with others. Up and down the country tremendously creative practices are being used to strengthen the sector from within. By positively harnessing this knowledge and passion and allowing high performing authorities greater freedom to deliver services differently local and central government can achieve better outcomes for children, young people and their families.”


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