Comment on Care Review announcement

ADCS President Jenny Coles said:

“ADCS welcomes the launch of the long-awaited Care Review and we look forward to seeing its remit in more detail. The review represents an opportunity for the government to be bold and ambitious and to learn from the expertise of those who are care experienced of all ages. The Children Act 1989 is clear, wherever possible children are best brought up within their own families. Some children will always need to come into care, and we need to ensure a range of placement options, high quality support services and a well-supported workforce are available when and where they’re needed. National investment in early help, national standards for our care system together with the capacity to deliver them, will mean fewer children need to be in care but that those who do can flourish.

Care can be a positive and for some children it is transformative but the system can do better. The Care Review must deliver on a plan to support the best possible outcomes for life. Children in our care deserve nothing less.”


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