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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

The Impact of Cuts Made in the Chancellor’s Spending Review

Commenting in CYP Now about the impact of cuts made in the Chancellor’s Spending Review, Alison O’Sullivan, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, said:

“We knew we would face difficulty with this round of reductions and we are now are left with a lot of unknowns. We don’t know what a 29% reduction to the DCLG budget or a £600m reduction to the Education Services Grant will mean for children and the services that we provide. This detail will come out of the Local Government Settlement in early December. However, we do know that these cuts will place already pressed Council budgets under further pressure and in many places both preventative and frontline services will be at risk. This Spending Review signifies tough times for all Councils, in every local area. And when paired with the impact of cuts across all public services - including the 3.9% fall in Public Health funding - many local authorities will no longer have the resources needed to provide vital care for children, young people and their families. It is clear that the future of providing services for the most vulnerable will be tougher than we have ever experienced before.”


The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) Ltd is the professional leadership association for Directors of Children’s Services and their senior management teams in England.

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