EA Update September 2015

The Educational Achievement Policy Committee has not met since the last meeting of Council of Reference in June, the committee has however been busy in the intervening period. Members were involved in the delivery of two workshops at the ADCS annual conference in July and coordinated the submission of the Association’s written evidence to the Education Select Committee’s new inquiry on Regional School Commissioners. The group is also working on a session for the forthcoming NCAS Conference in Bournemouth.

Two separate sub-groups of the committee have been working on a piece of work around elective home education (EHE) and looking at the attainment of children in care over the summer months.

The EHE cohort is growing year-on-year and over 27,000 children and young people were educated at home in 2014/15 according to figures collated by an education consultation and published via www.edyourself.org. The group identified a draft dataset for local authorities to use to benchmark the progress of learners and provide a better picture of this cohort of children and young people. This will be discussed at the next meeting of the committee on Friday 25 September along with a number of governance-related matters.

On the attainment of children in care a second sub-group made up of committee members and a number of virtual school heads have worked up a proposal for the development of a national dataset to help individual schools (including virtual schools), wider children’s services, the DfE and Ofsted to understand the complexities of this cohort and better measure progress and success. This is based on the findings of a study by the Rees Centre on this subject. The Rees Centre research has now been published and can be downloaded here

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