EAPC Update February 2017

The committee met four times in 2016, which included joint meetings with the SPI, R&S and WD policy committees and welcomed guests from Ofsted, the Fostering Network, the DfE, NCTL and the Restorative Justice Council. Key areas of focus in 2016 included children missing from mainstream education, the attainment of children in care, relationships with RSCs and the green and white papers published by the government on education. The committee led on the development of three significant consultation responses in 2016 on supplementary schools, children missing from education and the green paper on education and contributed to the ADCS response to ‘Education Excellence Everywhere.’ Four EA committee members sit on external groups on behalf of ADCS.

In 2017 the committee plans to look at school improvement, capital and place planning, inclusion, inspection, sector-led improvement, SEND reforms, curriculum, the attainment of children in care and the education workforce. Joint meetings are planned with the R&S, SPI, HCAN and WD committees. In 2017, the committee will pick up the government’s response to the ‘Schools that work for everyone,’ a further green paper is expected in 2017 following the publication and subsequent withdrawal of ‘Education Excellence Everywhere,’ along with a new national strategy on careers advice in schools.

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