Eastern Region Update June 2019

Regional Self-Assessment & DCS Peer Challenge

The annual process for regional self-assessment and peer challenge is nearing culmination. Self-assessments have been prepared by each local authority. These are being moderated, and comments fed back, by volunteers from a different authority within the region prior to a DCS event which will be held at the end of June.

Regional Priorities

Work continues on improvement activity linked to the regional priorities. Additional grant funding has been secured from DfE to support work on:

• Serious youth violence – the planned regional conference has been postponed until September so that a fuller programme can be pulled together

• Leadership training and management succession planning.

Peer Review & Inspection

Peer reviews provide challenge and support in targeted, thematic areas of service. Following the completion of two new frameworks, a two-year programme of peer reviews is being constructed.

Data Benchmarking

• A quarterly tartan rug report for quarter four 2018/19 has been completed

• An annual datapack has been produced; this regional performance report brings together a range of intelligence relating to the region’s performance across children’s services. It includes data for each of the 11 LAs in the region, how they compare with their statistical neighbours (where applicable) and against regional and national averages.

Network Highlights

• A regional ‘Leaving Care’ conference is being hosted in July

• A SEND annual conference is being held in June

• A new regional group for leads of the ‘Early Help Service’ is being constituted

• A regional leaders’ event for DCSs, lead members and chief executives is being planned for September

• A regional approach to continuing healthcare and engagement with CCGs is being looked at in addition to a support network for Liquid Logic, which a lot of authorities in the eastern region are using

A social work recruitment MoU has led to a three-million-pound saving in 2018 over 2017.

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