RS September 2015 Update

The committee has not met since the last meeting of Council of Reference but has been progressing a number of priority areas as detailed in the committee’s business plan.

The committee facilitated a well attended workshop at the annual conference exploring what local authorities must do to prepare themselves for the future challenges in children’s services while continuing to improve outcomes for children. Discussions during this workshop have helped to further inform the paper ‘Pillars and Foundations’, written by ADCS member Richard Selwyn on behalf of the committee. A number of local authorities have put forward examples to be included in the paper and these are currently being finalised prior to publication.

Following this thought provoking session at conference, the committee would like to harness the ideas put forward to develop a 30 year plan. The plan would identify some of the deep seated issues in society which result in poor outcomes for children and young people. By working with a range of partners, the committee’s ambition is to put forward suggestions as to how to create a step change in children’s services ensuring all children and young people reach their full potential.

Following a piece of research conducted by DfE into regional commissioning consortia, the committee provided comments on the recommendations put forward for ADCS, LGA and other sector representative organisations. The research report has not yet been published and no publication date has been agreed.

The next meeting of the committee will take place on Friday 9 October and will focus on school funding, school admissions and developing a long term business plan which looks beyond parliamentary terms and focuses on long term systems change.

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