WM Region February 2016 Update

Update for the February meeting of the ADCS Council of Reference

Peer challenge

Following the peer challenge event attended by all the region’s 14 LAs, both the CIB and WMADCS group are taking the opportunity to take stock of the regional approach to SLI as it frames its priorities for 2016/17.

Managing the demand and supply of qualified social workers

The Social Work Agency Protocol is now more than 12 months in existence and in the week commencing 25 January the region held its third agency provider event. At the event, regional DCS representatives came together with agencies to:

  • Reflect on the regional protocol and pay caps
  • Understand workforce analysis and the impact on levels of agency usage and turnover
  • Set pay rates for next year
  • Discuss:
  1. The Regional Agency Appointment Log
  2. The Shared Reference
  3. Training and development best practice
  4. Opportunities for joint market development.

Meetings and networks

The region’s DCSs met on 12 January and have welcomed two new post-holders (Clive Jones for Telford and Wrekin; and Louise Rees for Stoke-on-Trent).

Regional DCS and LGA leadership event

The regional DCS and LGA jointly sponsored an event for Members with an interest in Children’s Services in the West Midlands this week. The event was well attended by most LAs, Ofsted, the Regional Schools Commissioner, the LGA and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, to discuss and support Members in their roles in supporting improvement in the region.

Performance data

The region now has an enhanced children’s services dataset and adoption score card, and is working with a specialist associate to design a revised and rigorous method of collection and analysis, which will drive improvement activity going forwards.

This programme is supported by IEWM. More information can be found via the Regional Chair Karen Bradshaw, Shropshire, karen.bradshaw@shropshire.gov.uk, IEWM Children’s Programme Manager Paula Whitehouse, pwhitehouse@westmidlandsiep.gov.uk or via the regional website www.wmadcs.org.uk

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