Yorkshire & Humber Regional Update June 2019

Work Plan

The 2019 work plan for sector-led improvement is now in place. It has a particular emphasis on:

• Customised support for individual LAs with greatest need

• An enhanced role for chief executives and lead members through the Children’s Improvement Board

• A slimmed down self-assessment process

• Introduction of quarterly reporting using a web-based platform.

Quarterly Reporting

The new quarterly reporting arrangements are now in place. The first reports have been produced, the format/value of which will be reviewed in June. Our intention is to extend the reports to include workforce related indicators.

Regional Priorities

There is a strong emphasis on the theme of ‘quality and sufficiency of placements’. A report was commissioned which digs deeper into the detail of volume/spend by locality and region and includes recommendations for action, which are now being considered by ADCS.

An external partner has been commissioned to facilitate some ‘blue sky’ thinking with DCSs about identifying and addressing priorities beyond those identified through self-assessment.

Peer Challenge

37 LA/LSCB children’s services peer challenges have been completed (as of 30 April 2019).

Whilst the ‘core’ three-day peer challenge business process remains at the centre of peer challenge activity, various new peer challenge business processes, which were developed and piloted in 2018 remain on offer for 2019. We have also introduced new front door health checks which will be applied proportionately (six to be undertaken in 2019 – the first of these in autumn 2019).

Leadership Development

Our ‘Senior and Aspirant Leaders Programmes’ have supported the development of over 500 managers over a six-year period. Demand continues to be high, with 60 participants on the 2019 ‘Aspirant Leaders Programme’ and 30 on the ‘Senior Leaders Programme’.

Lead Member Network

There is an active lead member network which meets bi-monthly. The network has recently secured some funding from LGA to further support lead member development and is currently co-producing activity with the SLI coordinator and LGA children’s services regional lead.

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