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Wed, 06 Jul 22 11:59

Bywaters study on inequalities in child welfare intervention...

Commenting on this newly published research, Dave Hill, President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, said:

“There has been a big jump in the numbers of children and families requiring our help and support over the last decade yet funding for these critical services continues to be eroded. And, whilst it is true that many local politicians have made great efforts to protect spending on children’s social care, savings from services such as children’s centres and youth work have been required to balance the books. When we factor in the pressures in adult social care and other public agencies, especially the police, it is clear that our ability to step in and prevent problems from escalating to crisis point is in real jeopardy.

“The impact of austerity is now all too visible in our communities, particularly the most deprived, record numbers of children coming into care and their needs are increasingly complex. Poor parental mental health, substance misuse and domestic abuse is sadly becoming more common amongst the families we work with. We would urge the Department for Education to engage with the research team, ADCS and others to better understand the issues and challenges this study raises as well as the cumulative impact of wider government reforms on our most vulnerable children and families, particularly in light of the ongoing commitment to social mobility. With further reductions in local government funding expected in the forthcoming budget and fundamental changes to our financing on the horizon, time is of the essence in tackling this most vital of social issues before it’s too late.”


To find out more about the research visit the Coventry University website

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