Comment on LA education services

Heather Sandy, Chair of the ADCS Education Policy Committee said:

“Local authorities have long played a central role in education as leaders of place. We have specific duties with regard to school standards, special educational needs, safeguarding, and children in care whilst being democratically accountable to our local communities. It is vital that schools, regardless of type, can receive support from their local authority when problems arise. However, in recent years our budgets have been significantly reduced and dedicated funding to support schools has been removed, such as the Education Services Grant or School Improvement Monitoring and Brokering Grant. We urgently need a more place based approach that focuses on the strengths of local authorities and is met with adequate, long-term funding.

“A key part of our work with schools is in the early help space and schools are a vital partner. That said, a decade of austerity left local government funding in a parlous state and children’s services teetering on the edge of becoming a ‘blue light’ service. Tough decisions have had to be made about how funding is allocated and often the services most at risk are those addressing the root causes of problems children and their families face before they reach crisis point. This does nothing to reduce future demand, is more expensive in the long term and leads to poorer outcomes.”


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